Monday, 2 February 2015

I have moved my blog

It's a very long time since I posted here and for that I apologise.

I am now writing posts on a blog contained within my website.  My original plan had been to keep this blog running as well, but there just aren't enough hours in the day for me to run two blogs - and try and keep both of them interesting!

You can find my new blog here:

and I do hope that you will pop over and see me there.

If you have been following me on bloglovin', I understand that they will transfer you automatically to my new blog.

Or if you prefer you can sign up for my email on the blue form in the right hand column and I will write to you every Friday with a newsletter containing my latest project tutorial.  The photo at the top shows the last project, posted on Friday 30th January 2014.

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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Double basket quilt block
How can it possibly be two months since I posted on this blog?  Today I have a sweet little quilt block to share with you.  I rather like it because it's crying out for some embroidery or applique to fill the baskets.  In case you're wondering, the two baskets stretch from top left to bottom right - the bases of the baskets are in the middle of the block and the triangles forming the handles of the baskets are reaching towards the corners.

Layout for double basket quilt block
To make each basket quilt block you will need nine each brown and white 2.7/8" squares to make half square triangles, three brown 2.1/2" squares and four white 2.1/2" squares.  They are laid out in five rows of five - maybe I'll find time to add some embroidery when I have to put my sewing machine away over Christmas.

I think my biggest news (and the main reason that I haven't had time to draw breath recently) is that I have written three quilt patterns specifically to make into ebooks for sale on Amazon.  Writing the books was easy - after all, writing quilt patterns is what I do all the time - but I certainly went through a steep learning curve figuring out how to format it and offer it to Amazon.  I was so pleased with myself when I eventually managed it!  Amazon allow me to offer them as free downloads for a very limited period and at the moment the jelly roll quilt pattern is available as a free download till Tuesday.  If you would like to download it for free you can do so here:

for click here

for click here

I hope you enjoy the pattern - I am able to go into far more detail in the book than I can in one of the patterns on my website.

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Friday, 6 September 2013


I decided to make this month's Aurifil block of the month using scrap fabrics.  I spent so long hunting around to find scraps the right size that it would have been much easier just to cut the fabric from new.  Isn't it amazing how a very quiet pink has ended up dominating the block.

August was such a busy month that I am really enjoying being able to draw breath now and catch up on a few things.  The quilt above was my entry in the Festival of Quilts early in August.  I used a variation on the Bethlehem star block for the main bulk of the quilt top and then used a paper pieced star for the border.  I spent forever on it and it still ended up looking quite ordinary compared with so many stunning quilts that were on display.  Oh well, there's always next year.

I didn't manage to bring out a pattern for Christmas in July, but I did manage to do one just before the end of August.  This is going to be my table cloth on Christmas day so now I must decide how to quilt it so that it doesn't end up being a last minute rush.  I have used a Christmas bows block and then designed a simple Christmas tree quilt block for the border.

This week's project was quite a surprise - I began with a broad idea of what I wanted to achieve but had to make up the details as I went along.  Certainly not the way that I would usually work, but I was pleased with the result.  It's amazing what you can manage with just squares and rectangles.

And finally, for those of you who like those quilt blocks that give an optical illusion, I have written a tutorial for the Kentucky chain quilt block.  Here I was using scraps again, as for the Aurifil block at the top, so that's why some of the blues look slightly different from each other.

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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Aurifil July Block of the Month

I've reached the end of the month without finishing any of the blocks of the month that I am subscribing to, so today I thought that I would at least try and finish the Aurifil July block.  Now I just have the corner triangles to add and I feel that I should have used more different fabrics.  It was an interesting block to make - the instructions said to hand sew the whole block.

I thought that I would machine sew just the central star and hand sew the rest because of all the inset seams, but in fact I ended up machine sewing the lot because it was just so much quicker.  I'm not sure that I would want to make a lot of this block, but it was useful seeing how it came together.  The diamonds outside the white squares are exactly the same ones as those making up the central square.

With all the talk on the web about Christmas in July, I've realised that it's time I thought up some new projects to go on the Christmas gift section of the website, so I've made a start with a fabric baby book.  Now to think up some things for the adults!

The next couple of weeks are going to be quite hectic - there are a couple of quilt shows coming up that I want to get to so I'm really hoping the weather holds up for them.  I hope I'll be able to bring you some photos of them.

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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Blue Bargello Quilt Pattern

I am so pleased with my blue bargello quilt.  I made it to go on my next quilting dvd and I have just finished it today.  I've made it as a beginner quilting pattern so the pieces are larger than some of those very intricate bargello quilts that you see around, but I love it.

I know that I have neglected my blog this last fortnight, but there just never seem to be enough hours in the day.  I have also been working on a shapes baby quilt because I felt that my baby quilt patterns were a little boring, and that is getting close to being finished.

I felt the same way about my cushion cover patterns so I've added an Oxford cushion cover to the pattern page.  It's ages since I added anything to that section so I might make a few more cushions over the next few weeks.  Here in the UK we call everything cushions but I often see the same sort of projects called pillows in the USA - can anyone tell me if there is a difference or are they just the same projects with different names?

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